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What we stand for

We share a common vision of connecting America. Our ability to deliver to our customers and connect communities online relies on our engaged workforce. The values we hold define our culture. The values guide us in our dealings with one another, with our customers, and with the communities where we live.

Team members strive to treat each other with respect, value different perspectives and experiences; keep our and others' safety at the forefront of our minds, and uphold the highest ethical standards.

We take time to ensure these values inform every aspect of our operations and are embedded in systems, processes and policies to drive employee engagement, organizational performance, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What we do and how we do it is based on a set of six core values: safety, people, innovation, integrity, customer focus and sustainability.


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Talent development and growth

We provide opportunities for our people to learn and develop the skills and knowledge to be successful in their current role as well as to prepare them for future growth within the company.

Our Diverse Workforce

We believe in fostering a diverse work environment where our people are treated with respect, can be productive, and are empowered to thrive personally and professionally. As a company that operates across the U.S., we live in, work in, and serve a wide variety of communities. It is important to us that our workforce reflects and embraces the diversity of these communities.

Our people bring their own experiences, backgrounds and talents to work every day. Our commitment is to provide an engaging environment that attracts the very best talent and provides opportunities for them to develop and grow with us.

We hold ourselves accountable to one another and treat others with respect. This respect takes the form of our commitment to fair safety and employment conditions, as well as the fundamental protections that empower our diverse company.

Our Diverse Workforce

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